Product Specifications Folding Barricades and Safety Barriers with Vertical Panels
Item# 12501 FB R
(W x H)
39.37″x35.43″ / (1000x900mm)
Weight 44.10 lbs
Material PPC frame – PVC panel
Detailed description Reflective sheeting for high visibility

Maintenance free

Cost efficient and Long lasting

High durability, will not crack, warp, chip or rot, Resistant to UV sunlight, oil, salt, extreme temperatures and moisture

Barricade flashers, sign boards and, PVC Panel board and accessories can be directly attached

Weighted base for maximum stability

Customized panel graphics, including colors, available on request

Weighted base for maximum stability

Folding base for minimum storage space

Carrying handles

ISO Compliant DIN EN ISO 9001:2008




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