Scalable Speed Bumps for all traffic calming projects

All-purpose speed bumps are a quick and cost effective solution to traffic calming. EveluxUSA speed bumps control traffic, reduce speeds and alert drivers of sensitive areas improving vehicular traffic for safer environments for pedestrians and motorists. Speed bumps can be assembled with alternating colors providing high day time contrast while reflective cats eyes illuminate and warn approaching vehicles to slow down during the darkness hours. 6 Recessed reflectors per section exceeds most all traditional speed bumps for safety and compliance. EveluxUSA injection composite speed bumps are designed to not dry and crack like standard heavy rubber bumps providing years of service life even in the most aggressive road conditions. Fully scalable bumps can be installed as long or short as needed. Best of all modular speed bumps are compact and easily shipped making your traffic calming installation simply convenient. Complete with all mounting hardware. ADA Compliant.

Product Specifications Speed Bumps And Mini Humps
Item# 12102 YK 12103 YK K
(L x W x H)
11.81″x13.11″x1.57″ / (300x333x40mm) 11.81″x3.93″x1.57″ / (300x100x40mm)
Weight 2.93 lbs 0.55 lbs
Material PPC
Detailed description Bi-directional reflective red & whaite lenses (3+3) for High visibilityModular design expands to any road width

Fast and easy installation on any paved surface

Can be removed stored and reinstall

Maintenance free

Cost efficient and Long lasting

High durability, will not crack, warp, chip or rot, Resistant to UV sunlight, oil, salt, extreme temperatures and moisture

ISO Compliant DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Installation Configuration 0.70″Ø x L 3.54″ / (18mm Ø x L 90mm) Evelux plastic anchors, and metal screw kit


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