Product SpecificationsSolar Powered Flashing LED Edge Lit Signs
Item#11850 FL S
Dimensions (L x W x H)15.74″X15.74″ / (400x400mm)
Weight16.75 lbs
Lens diameter11.81″ / (300mm)Ø
Detailed description

Solar powered

Multiply LEDs

6 Hour Solar Charge= 12 Hours of Operation

ON/OFF switch

Adjustable 3600 / 450 solar panel

Customized panel graphics, including colors, available on request

ISO  CompliantDIN EN ISO 9001:2008
Installation configuration

U-Channel Sign Posts

2″-2.5″ / (50-70mm) posts

Solar panel specifications

Type: Monocrystaline silicone seal

Dimensions: 13.58″x11.53″ / (345x293mm)

Voltage: 220 V

Current: 0.65 mA

Battery specifications

Type: SLA

Current /voltage: 7.0mA/h-12V


LED specifications

Color: yellow / red

Dimension: 0.19″ / (5mm) Ø

90 flashes per minute

Visibility distance: 1640′ / (500m)

Operating temperature range-4F to +140F



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